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Living with the Force
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Living with the Force

Pubblicazione Città / Paese:PartridgeSingapore (May 11, 2016)
Linguaggio:Italiano, English
Parola chiave: Occult paranormal  Supernatural  Ghosts hauntings 
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4.7/5 (Voti: 1004)
08 DEC 19
The movie Star Wars has a lot to say about how to live life-one filled with more joy, abundance, and awesomeness. What child born in the past four decades doesn't have childhood memories of pretending to have the force in them? In Living with the Force, author Shinji Yoshitake offers a guide for using that force, that power within us, to create our own reality of happiness and abundance. He explains the force as an all-flowing energy field that is present everywhere and anywhere. Some call it qi, prana, fate, destiny, or coincidence, and gut feeling, but these ideas have one thing in common: there is an undeniable force that you can feel and experience, and it resides within you. Yoshitake underscores that it all revolves around the choices you make that allow you to be in control and to create a happier, more prosperous, and more abundant life. Through of series of reflections and exercises, Living with the Force shows you how to harness that power inside of you to attain your dreams and goals. It's the power of choice and the power of thought and emotion. It's the power that destroys and creates.

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